Romney: the Mystery Man?

The other Sunday night, presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney  was featured along with President Barack Obama on 60 Minutes, the legendary TV news magazine. Romney, who was interviewed first, claim that he would cut federal spending, balance the budget, and create jobs, but he actually gave no detail explanation as to just how he would get all of these things done? Furthermore, even when he was asked why he hadn’t been fourth-coming with his plans as to exactly how he hoped to accomplish these goals during this long campaign season, all he could do in response, was to continue to criticize President Obama. However, he was pressed to admit that his, last year’s,  fourteen percent tax rate, which was basically capitol gains, that he paid on his own twenty million dollar investments, was clearly less of a tax burden than most other less wealthy Americans paid. Romney seems to be totally convinced of the idea, that the more tax-breaks he gives that wealthy two-percent of our nation’s population, the more they will invest in the creation of jobs for the rest of us? Wow, haven’t we already seen the tragic results of this so called “Trickle-down economic theory” under Ronald Reagan: when the wealthy, gladly accepted all of their tax-breaks, but then held on to their money;  they only got even wealthier as the poor got even poorer.
Yet ironically, Mitt Romney wants us to believe that he is genuinely concerned about us average people and our ability to survive in his America? He has already said in private to his rich campaign donors, that forty-seven percent of us don’t even count and he wasn’t even expecting our vote anyway, for his candidacy. As a result of his cold-blooded and pathetically mean-spirited revelation  concerning his true feelings about almost one half of this nation’s population; now many other Republicans are literally tripping over each other to distance themselves from this totally politically inept clown.

Is Mitt Romney’s Type of Foreign Policy What America Really Wants or Needs?

Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, has already proven that he is simply not ready to direct America’s foreign policy by demonstrating that he simply doesn’t have a clew as to how to conduct sensible, constructive, and honest international relations. First of all, he goes over to England an insults America’s closest ally, with his thoughtless comments about how they might not be able to safely conduct the Olympic. Next he goes to Israel and pretends that he is certainly in favor of the two-state solution proposal and believes that it will finally bring a lasting peace to the area. Yet however, it has been recently revealed that Romney has made totally disparaging remarks in private concerning his true feelings about the same issue, saying that he doesn’t believe that the Palestinians want peace at all, under any terms.
Finally, and perhaps most scandalously pathetic of all, Romney has had the gall to vehemently criticize the way President Obama is handling the critical situation in Libya, concerning the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans. Moreover, he has made his scandalously scurvy comments without even taking the time to first get the facts straight, about what is actually happening regarding the whole matter? It is so sad that Mitt Romney wants to be president so desperately, that he’ll stop at nothing in his effort to accomplish his goal, and if the voters haven’t seen him for the sadistic monster that he really is by now, we’re all going to be unspeakably sorry if we fail to re-elect President Obama and allow this pathetic clown to get into the White House.

Does Mitt Romney Actually Hate Poor People?

A most compelling report has just surfaced exposing some scandalously scurvy remarks that Mitt Romney recently made during an appearance at a fund raiser of his rich supporters in Florida. Mr. Romney said that forty-seven percent of Americans believe that they are entitled to be supported by the government. Furthermore, he said that they are not willing to work, they see themselves as victims, they pay no taxes, and they are nothing but free-loaders  believing that they are entitled to a government hand-out, receiving welfare from other hard working people. He claims that these people will vote for Obama, no matter what, because he caters to their government entitlement mentality, which states that the federal government is responsible for taking care of them. Therefore, President Obama has  earned their undying support with governmental programs like Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and Obama care.
Mitt Romney obviously has no problem just totally dismissing nearly one half of this nation’s population. However, since African-Americans make up only thirteen percent of this nation’s population, then he is obviously disparaging a whole lot of Hispanic, Asians, and poor white Americans too. Furthermore, it is also a tragic fact that many of Romney’s Republican supporters make up quite a few of these very people that he so pathetically disparages. This arrogant fool who those, mostly right-winged, empty-hearted, power-hungry Republicans have had the litigated gall to support for the presidency of this nation has certainly scraped the bottom of the barrel this time. They have finally selected a totally clueless buffoon who is just stupid and arrogant enough to say out loud, all of those despicable and detestable things about other Americans, that the rest of them have been thinking and saying in private all along.  

Why Bishop Eddie L. Long Will Not Resign Despite Sex Scandal

Bishop Eddie L. Long will not resign his pastorate in the face of these tragic allegations of homosexual conduct for the following reasons: he feels that he is definitely entitled to the financial perks of his lavish lifestyle; there is no legitimate structure in his church with the power to actually force him out; and he apparently has no sense of spiritual conviction or righteous dedication to his calling as a minister to even step down until this matter has been cleared up. So the unfortunate parishioners of this twenty-five thousand member mega-church congregation is going to suffer terribly because of the patently selfish,  pathetically self-centered, and carnal-minded  rebellious behavior of their pastor.

According to  an Atlanta Journal Constitution article in 2005, Bishop Long’s I.R.S. documents revealed  that he has been receiving three million dollars per year from his ministry from 1997 through 2000, lives in a $1.1 million dollar home, and drives a Bentley.  So because he inherited a church with a congregation of three hundred in the late 1980’s and by the force of his  (Prosperity Gospel) ministry, the church’s congregation rapidly grew into the mega church that it is today. Therefore, Bishop Long obviously believes that he is certainly entitled to the financial blessing as a result of the growth of his ministry.  New Birth Missionary Baptist church seems to have become the place-to-be for  many celebrities, professional athletes, and socialites. Obviously, all of these people have souls, and Bishop Eddie L. Long is supposed to be the Shepard responsible for the genuine moral development and spiritual growth  of these souls. However, one must wonder how far  Long’s so called (Prosperity Gospel) message has detoured from what Jesus Christ actually taught as the true and righteous way in the Bible?

According to a recent article by Jennifer French Parker of Crossroads News, New Birth’s restated articles of incorporation, filed with the Georgia’s Secretary of State on April 14, 1997, revealed that none of its twenty-five thousand member congregation were given the power to vote out the pastor. According to those articles, New Birth, the corporation, had no members and its purposes “to receive vand maintain real or personal property”. None of its eleven articles of incorporation indicate anything about it being a church or propagating Christianity. That is in stark contrast to the church, Traveler’s Rest Baptist, that it succeeded in 1984, when ninety-seven members of Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church Inc. voted on July 23, 1984, to change their name to the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Their articles of incorporation, filed on July 13, 1975, stated the church’s function was” minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the community in which it exists; to propagate the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ; to instruct and teach the obedience to the ordinances, discipline, and doctrine as stated in the Holy Bible”. Long became the church’s pastor  in 1987, and ten years later the church restated its articles of incorporation depriving its members of a vote and omitted all mention of Jesus Christ and the Bible. Long was named CEO. Article 9 of the restated articles states: “the purposes for which the corporation is organized are to receive and maintain real or personal property or both” to use and apply the whole or part of income for charitable, religious, scientific, literary, or educational purpose” related to the corporation’s none profit status. Article 6 reads: “the corporation hereby elects to have no members” any action which would require a vote of members, shall require only a vote of members of the board of directors and no meeting or vote of members shall be required for this corporation , any provision of the articles of incorporation of this corporation or the bi-laws to the contrary withstanding”. “All rights which otherwise would vest in the members, shall vest in the directors”. Among some South DeKalb’s large churches, pastor’s as CEO are common and many exclude members, but New Birth, since 1997, stands alone in stating a purpose that does not reference Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity.

Finally, Bishop Eddie L. Long, being the pastor of this mega-church, has apparently become so carnal minded and  pathetically intoxicated with the sense of his own power, that he has totally forgotten the true source of that power, his spiritual anointing. He’s not the first preacher that God has abundantly blessed and raised from obscurity to reach such a pentacle of power and status and falsely believed that he, and not God deserved all the praise, glory , and honor. Bishop Long really deserves our prayer and pity because it is painfully obvious that he is definitely in more desperate need of moral and spiritual redemption than the people to whom he is  trying to pastor.

Is ABC News only Playing the Race Card with Andrew Breitbart?

Here once again, we African-Americans are just blatantly being chumped, dist, and egregiously insulted by a major news network, ABC.  These news network officials have had the  unmitigated audacity to announce that they plan to feature Andrew Breitbart on their tomorrow night’s election coverage panel.  I thought that Fox News was the absolute bottom of the barrel for their racists, convoluted,  and pathetically demagogic trash that they  try to palm off on the public as news, but now ABC News has  sank even lower than Fox, by featuring this wanton criminal, Andrew Breitbart,  perpetrating as a legitimate journalist.

This, Andrew Breitbart,  is the same so called journalist that recently concocted the vicious lie, accusing Mrs. Shirley Sherrod of being a racists, which caused her to be immediately fired from her job with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  However, it was later revealed that the brief snippet of video that Breitbart has used to fabricate his wicked lie, had been lifted out of a speech that Mrs. Sherrod had given before the NAACP years ago.  Furthermore, in that same speech, which was nearly an hour in it’s entirety, Mrs. Sherrod explained to her NAACP audience how she’d finally come to grips with,  and then successfully overcame her own feelings of racial bias decades ago, through her dealings with a white family in an effort to save their family farm.  Conversely, Andrew Breitbart merely lifted a few seconds from that speech and forwarded that video to Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and circulated it all over the internet and the outrageously bogus story, first accepted as credible news, later caused an avalanche of apologies from news organizations that had been totally duped by Breitbart.  This scandalously fabricated and totally bogus lie even cause the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to offer Mrs. Sherrod an apology for his thoughtless and totally knee-jerk decision to fire her.  Furthermore, in his dastardly attack on Mrs. Sherrod, Breitbart also accused the NAACP of being racist and even accused the Obama administration of condoning the practice of reverse racism.  This is the same (Tea Party Star) and unrepentantly dubious character that effectively brought down the ACORN organization by setting up a video featuring two individuals posing as a pimp and a prostitute purportedly receiving services from that organization.  Unfortunately, before it became common knowledge that Breitbart had himself, staged this colossal Hokes in his attempt to destroy ACORN, the public humiliation to the organization had already been done.  For decades, ACORN had been extremely successful in its efforts to register millions of low income blacks, whites, and Hispanics to vote, but Breitbart’s vitriolic and unconscionably insidious lie, caused millions in federal funds to be cut from ACORN’s financial support.

However the most deeply troubling idea concerning this most vehemently sinister character is, that ABC News, whose overarching concern is no doubt a frantic grab for bigger share of media ratings, is already aware of Breitbart’s race-bating and totally unscrupulous history in what he fraudulently calls journalism.  However, those insatiably greedy and morally bankrupt officials running that news organization can only see dollar signs, so this is why they still want to feature Breitbart on their broadcast?  Besides  their insidious lust for money and an unconscionable disregard for the basic humanity of African-Americans there is just no Earthly reason for this scurvy decision to promote this hate-mongering, lowlife, reprobate, except to fan the flames of racial and ethnic hatred and further polarize a nation that is all ready coming apart at the seams.

What Do Tea Partiers Mean by….”We’re Going to Take Our Country Back?”

Just what do these mostly white, conservative, republicans mean by avowing that they want to take their country back?  This so called (Tea Party) is a national movement that has really gained tremendous momentum since the election of President Obama.  Of course, they were supposedly around when George W. Bush was still in the White House, but they were nowhere near as vocally brazen, politically vehement and down-right obnoxious with their message against the Bush administration as they’ve been against Obama’s? They fancy themselves as plain grassroots folks who’ve  finally just had enough of tax and spend big government.  Consequently, now they’re determined that they intend, during this mid term election,  to throw the bums out, meaning all democrats and even  those moderate republicans who’ve  dared to work with them.

The plain fact is, that this so called (Tea Party) is nothing but a hodgepodge of disaffected mostly white right wing conservatives who   are primarily financed by right-wing republican operatives and lead by other conservatives republicans like: Rush Limbaugh,  Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, and Karl Rove just to name a few.  Now these very dubious puppet masters leading this so called Tea Party, certainly gives me cause to be very suspicious of this movement?  Why?  Where was the clarion call to take their country back when George W. Bush was busy plunging the nation into two wars, threatening to privatize Social Security, and steadily stripping away financial regulatory laws that had been in place since the Great Depression?  Furthermore, where was this ground-swell of disaffected and angry people when Wall Street was busy plundering the nation’s mortgage market with sub-prime loans which cause the housing market to virtually collapse?    Moreover, where was all of the public angst, anger, and vitriol for the avarice behavior of the Wall Street crowd who nearly destroyed this nation’s  economy  while the Bush Administration did nothing about it for eight long years?

The fact that President Barack Obama is the first president in the last sixty-years who has managed to pass, anything approaching legislation creating  affordable national health care, seemed to be an incredible  accomplishment that is mocked and ridiculed by these (Tea Partier’s) who, themselves,  are in most need of such  healthcare.  Furthermore, his administration along with the democrats, has managed to pass this healthcare legislation without any republican support, while they’ve  presented a unified front of dogged opposition at every turn.  Moreover, the Obama administration has worked unceasingly to bale out banks, General Motors, and injected billions of federal dollars earmarked for public spending into the various state’s economies in order to stave off an impending depression, while republicans haven’t done a thing  but be scandalously obstructionist and stand back and criticize, while not offering any pretense of a solution to our nation’s financial woes.  I believe that this (Tea Party movement( is basically mostly average and mostly white people who feel like they are no longer in control of  this nation’s destiny.  It is tragically ironic that they don’t realize that they never were, at any time,  in control of this nation’s government.  However, the sad fact of it all, is that they can’t seem to realize that they’ve, yet again,   only been  bamboozled by those right-wing white elites who are just besides themselves with speechless fury  because they are not  in charge now.  Consequently, they’re doing exactly what they’ve always done in this nation politics, work overtime to whip up every conceivable reason to spread distrust, discord,  and hatred among the other ethnic groups and those economically marginal and less informed whites, but making them falsely  believe that they are racial partners and that they are all in the struggle to take back their country.

Has Bishop Long Been Caught Wrong?

Bishop Eddie Long, prominent past of Atlanta’s area based mega church has recently been accused of repeated gross sexual abuse of young men in his congregation. Although Long has adamantly denied these appalling allegations, however four young men are just as adamant that he is guilty of such acts of sexual abuse that, if are proven true, will shock  one’s most worldly sensibilities. Long’s congregation has rallied around him as he’s declared that he’s currently engaged in spiritual warfare. Bishop Eddie Long inherited a small congregation of about two hundred and grew it into a mega church of more than twenty-five thousand.

It is reported that Long’s sprawling mega church complex runs over forty different ministries: one of which is a mentoring academy for young boys from twelve to seventeen years of age.  The purported purpose of this academy was to train young boys to be strong, responsible, and spiritual men, and Bishop Eddie Long was very involved in this particular ministry. Therefore, his alleged sexual abuse of these young accusers was innocent students in this ministry.  The unbelievable irony of this whole sad news story is that this same Bishop Eddie Long has been a very vocal anti-gay activist.  He’s well known for preaching against gays from the pulpit, and has also lead local protest marches against same sex marriages. He’s been called one of the most vicious homophobes in the Christian church, now wouldn’t it be the very epitome of hypocrisy if the right Reverend Bishop Eddie Long is found guilty of the very behavior which he has so vehemently denounced on the part of others and vigorously preached against?

In my first edition of “Pimps in the Pulpit”, I tried to raise the alarm that these kinds of mega churches would ultimately become a serious problem for African-Americans Christians. Why, because of the simple fact that they would be unmanageable for a single pastor. Of course, I’ve heard the argument that many pastors of these mega churches have successfully organized their church administrations into specific and dedicated ministries in order to serve their congregations. However, the glaring weakness in this approach is that the deep emotional connection that most congregants have with their preachers cannot effectively be shared or even transferred to another spiritual leader, especially in the same church congregation. The most pathetically tragic fact is, that far too many Christians in general, and African-American Christians in particular, have a dangerous Psychological tendency to   live, vicariously, through their pastors. Consequently, these kind of incredibly rich, glamorous, rock superstar like pastors such as Bishop Eddie Long can inspire almost Godlike worship and fanatical dedication on the part of church congregants. As a result, these loyal church folk have invested so much of their own faith and admiration in their pastors that he has become a very dominant part of their own identities and spiritual self-worth. So these fanatically loyal followers become so desperately in love with their pastor’s, that even if he is found guilty of some awful wrong, they will often find the grace and mercy to forgive him. So as he preaches about wealth and prosperity, and lives a personal life of wealth and extreme luxury and has virtually no Earthly  experiences in common with the great majority of his flock, they continue to idolize, worship, and gladly give him their money and fanatically reverence and support him, because they see it as their Godly duty

“Pimps in the Pulpit”: Revised and Updated Edition

This recently re-release of “Pimps in the Pulpit” offers so much more than the original edition: it not only discusses the pathetically scandalous behavior of so many of our black preachers, but also those issues concerning black education, community development, and religious doctrinal reform.  The book discusses the dyer need for true African-Centered African-American education and how black churches should be in the forefront of this endeavor.  Why, because it is the only institution in this society of which is totally financially supported and sustained by the African-American community itself, and over which that  community actually has any effective control.  Therefore, it is through the black church that the African-American community has the unique potential community empowering independence and self-determining ability to set an educational agenda and create a learning curriculum for our children.  The black church should, could and certainly ought to use some of its more than ample financial resources and physical property for the true education of our children and work to supplement the sorely inadequate education that they are receiving in these public school districts.  Fortunately, there is numerous African and African-American scholars who has produced volumes of research concerning the proper development of the black child’s mind.  For example, Dr. Ni-am Akbar, Dr. Asa Hilliard, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, Dr. Kenneth Clark, and the late doctor’s John Henry Clark and  Amos Wilson just to name a few: all of these brilliant scholars have produced literally volumes of information concerning the proper and successful development of the black child’s mind.  I must admit, that there are a tiny minority of black churches which have recognized this critical and spiritual imperative for the correct and proper education of our children, but that number is no where nearly enough churches which certainly should be seriously involved in this extremely important enterprise.  Just as the Catholics, Jews, and Muslims have recognized and accepted this extremely critical need to educate their own children for decades, it is past time that we, African-Americans, accepted and assume this tremendously critical responsibility for the true education of our children too.  Yes, let the public schools teach them all the Math and Science that it has to offer, but the true history of Africa and that which has been deliberately left out of virtually every public school curriculum in this nation about our history in this hemisphere, must be provided by us.  Moreover, it should, could, and ought to be the responsibility of the black church to help our children understand and appreciate their true identification and kinship with Africa and Africa’s peoples.  Furthermore, it should, could and definitely ought to be the responsibility of black churches to teach our children about the true history of Africa and its people.  For example, that Africa is the place where cattle, goats, and sheep were first domesticated, where iron, copper, and gold were first mined and smelted for human use.   Moreover, virtually every idea about the science of agriculture, medicine, astronomy, democracy, justice, and the successful administration of a nation-state came from the continent of Africa.  These facts are listed and discussed by our scholars such as John Henry Clark, Carter G. Woodson, and W. E. B. Dubois to name a few.  However, this kind of self-empowering information has been deliberately omitted from virtually every public school curriculum in this nation, thus depriving our children of the kind of pride and respect for Africa, African peoples, and themselves.  Consequently, due to the fact that our children are consistently robbed of this kind of confidence-building, and self-empowering information coupled with the scandalously unequal governmental funding  of urban and predominantly black districts, there is little wonder why they continue to lag far behind other non-African-American students?

The shamelessly desperate need for African-American community development beggars the need for black church involvement.  When one considers the salient fact that the black church, as an aggregate takes in millions upon millions of African-American dollars each year, one is forced to admit, that this incredibly rich church establishment has, and continues to show pitifully little investment in its own community as a result of receiving this tremendous community support.  Where is the black church’s investment in creating jobs for its own membership, must less employment for the larger African-American community?  When one takes a serious look at the almost criminal lack of community investment, especially  concerning the records  of these so call mega-black churches, it is absolutely tragic to observe their down-right scurvy and scandalous lack of community investment.  Here we have a number of black churches with congregations numbering from ten-thousand to thirty-thousand plus: now any rationally thinking individual must ask him or herself, where are the schools, where are the grocery stores and supermarkets, where are the gas stations, convenient stores, clothing stores, and any number of consumer goods and services?  Furthermore, one must ask, who are the contractors that are building, remodeling, expanding, or renovating  these mega-churches?  Are any of these black preachers using black contractors?  Are the white building contractors of which they primarily use, even using any African-Americans as sub-contractors on these very lucrative building projects, if not, then why?  Where and from whom do these mega-churches purchase their Bibles, Hem Books, Sunday School study materials, pews, collection tables, and other church furnishings, choir robes, sound and music equipment, kitchen,  meal preparation, and dining area equipment?  Are any of these products purchased from other African-American venders?  While I’ve been directing these very poignant, penetrating, and provocative questions at the black preachers who pastor these large and clearly recognizable mega-churches, they also equally apply to the rest of these black preachers and the countless smaller churches that they too pastor?  I contend that it is the very height of utter dishonesty and bottomless depths of unspeakable hypocrisy for these black preachers to have this stupendously powerful financial entity in their hands, and do absolutely nothing whatsoever with it, but enrich themselves and their cronies while the community steadily sinks ever deeper into social disorganization and economic despair.

Perhaps the absolute most pressing and immediate need is, for the black church to honestly correct its tragically flawed gospel.  The version of the Bible used in nearly all black churches, is the same version which has been handed down from their slave masters.  Furthermore, this has remained, more or less the case since Africans were brought to these shores  in slave ships by Europeans as human chattel.  As a result, the very Bible that most African-Americans use in their worship services to this very day, is the same sacred Bible that was used to define them as animal-like sub-human creatures without souls and the divinely accursed children of Ham.  Consequently, they  were destined forever, to be beast of burden: drawers of water and hewers of wood  and faithful  servants  to their white Christian masters.  This was the living fait for Africans who were captured in their native land and brought to this hemisphere as slaves for more than four centuries.  More it was the tragically pathetic fait of their descendents too.  White slave masters skillfully the Bible’s tenants of obedience, faithfulness, long suffering as a tool to more effectively  psychologically dominate and control their slaves.  They even used black preachers as instruments to help them in the complete domination and control of their human property.  Unfortunately however, far too many black preachers, even after the destruction of physical slavery and even to this day, are still faithfully serving their white masters.  For this is really the only way that I can rationally explain the scandalous lack of any credible consumer goods and services on the part of the aggregate black church to its own community?  I suggest that those truly spiritually connected and intellectually honest men and women who have the genuine love for the Creator and compassion for their people, dispose with that slave Bible, and endeavor to give African-Americans the real Scriptural story, which ids the black man and woman’s story.  For our story is actually the only truly historically valid and scripturally legitimate version of the gospel.  However, I am referring to only the Old Testament.  For the New Testament, which was primarily authored by Paul, is basically just so much political propaganda.  Why, because the New Testament of the Bible was composed in 325 AD under the domination and control of Roman Emperor, Constantine  by agroup of Europeans at the Council Of Nicaea.  First of all, these Europeans selected the 39 books that would be  the New Testament.  Next they decided that the historically correct African teacher and prophet named Yoshua would be called, “Jesus” which was the combination of the names of the mythological Greek deity Zeus and Roman deity Jupiter.  Then they decided that Jesus and God was one in the same; that he was born of a virgin; and that he would be a European; and that acceptance and submission to his will was the only possible way to get to heaven.  Now this is but a mere suggestion of the deliberate corruption and distortion that we call the New Testament of the Bible.  Therefore, the work remains for those spiritually grounded and intellectually honest African-Americans  to sort through all of these  lies, myths, and deliberate distortions in an effort to obtain the actual facts, if any, as they might pertain to us.

The Absolute Knock-off of ‘Pimps in the Pulpit’

We all are familiar with some of those people who peddle or hawk imitation clothes and Jewelry  which look so much like the authentic brand name items, that many people snap them up, thinking that they’ve got themselves a great bargain: only later to find that they’ve been totally bamboozled.  Those of us who are music lovers are also aware of how often big hit records are imitated by  people who release an imitation of the original hoping to cash in on the original artist talent by copying his or her performance.  Unfortunately however, this kind of insidious imitation and financial exploitation is not only restricted to fashion and music, it’s just as prevalent in the literary business.  I authored a very controversial book called, “Pimps in the Pulpit”, self-published in July 1999.  I self-published the book because after trying to shop it to most of the major commercial publishing companies for almost a year, I couldn’t find any company that was interested.  So as a result, I decided to publish  the book myself.

“Pimps in the Pulpit” was a tremendous hit, and in the beginning, it was very difficult for me to keep up with the incredible public demand for copies of the book.  I was a frequent guess of radio talk show hosts in the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area.  I also made numerous appearances at bookstores throughout that area giving lectures and signing copies of my book.  Public demand for my book and requests for my appearances at bookstores  continued unabated through 2004.  At that time, I wanted to focus on producing literary work in other subject areas, however request kept poring in for copies of “Pimps in the Pulpit”.  Consequently, I was obliged to accommodate my reading public.  As a result, I decided to delve deeper and broaden the scope of those issues which I’d originally explored in the first edition of the book.  So I began work on the original manuscript to hopefully, offer my reading public, not just the same, but more dialogue on those issues of which they seemed so unquenchably interested.  Unfortunately however, between 2005 through 2008, while I was busy working on the updated and revised edition of my book, I learned that there were individuals selling used copies of my original book on for as much as $320.00 for a single copy.  Moreover, I learned that Mr. Michael Baisden was regularly appropriating the title of my book, “Pimps in the Pulpit” for a frequent topic of discussion on his nationally syndicated radio talk show.  Ironically however, I, the original and legitimate author of the book, could never get invited to appear as a guest on his show, despite my numerous attempt to contact that gentleman.

Now  however, just as I’ve finally managed to release the revised and updated edition of “Pimps in the Pulpit” I’ve learned to my horror, that a Ms Shannon R. Bellamy has recently released her book, entitled, you guessed it Pimps in the Pulpit”.  Ms Bellamy’s book is currently all over the internet and is definitely hampering my efforts to get my book to my reading public.  This is undoubtedly one of the most cold-blooded knock-off of a registered titles that I’ve ever seen.  Moreover, this rank, insidious , and coldly calculated pimping of my registered and ten-year-old title, on the part of this Shannon R. Bellamy,  to have the unmitigated audacity to appropriate the exact title of my book in a most duplicitous effort to sell her own, is the absolute possible example of unconscionable avarice and the very epitome of naked greed.