Does Mitt Romney Actually Hate Poor People?

A most compelling report has just surfaced exposing some scandalously scurvy remarks that Mitt Romney recently made during an appearance at a fund raiser of his rich supporters in Florida. Mr. Romney said that forty-seven percent of Americans believe that they are entitled to be supported by the government. Furthermore, he said that they are not willing to work, they see themselves as victims, they pay no taxes, and they are nothing but free-loaders  believing that they are entitled to a government hand-out, receiving welfare from other hard working people. He claims that these people will vote for Obama, no matter what, because he caters to their government entitlement mentality, which states that the federal government is responsible for taking care of them. Therefore, President Obama has  earned their undying support with governmental programs like Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and Obama care.
Mitt Romney obviously has no problem just totally dismissing nearly one half of this nation’s population. However, since African-Americans make up only thirteen percent of this nation’s population, then he is obviously disparaging a whole lot of Hispanic, Asians, and poor white Americans too. Furthermore, it is also a tragic fact that many of Romney’s Republican supporters make up quite a few of these very people that he so pathetically disparages. This arrogant fool who those, mostly right-winged, empty-hearted, power-hungry Republicans have had the litigated gall to support for the presidency of this nation has certainly scraped the bottom of the barrel this time. They have finally selected a totally clueless buffoon who is just stupid and arrogant enough to say out loud, all of those despicable and detestable things about other Americans, that the rest of them have been thinking and saying in private all along.  

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